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Considering selling your home? Be prepared to get top dollar and sell your home in record time with my Home Seller's Handbook!


About Me

I am passionate about educating my clients throughout the process and easing any anxiety you may feel about buying or selling a home.


Home Buyer's Handbook

Thinking about buying a home? My Home Buyer's Handbook will guide you through the process from A-Z, including my handy Home Buying Checklist!


About Sandra Hayashi

As a busy professional, you need to partner with a REALTOR® that will be available to answer your calls and guide you through the process of purchasing your new home. Sandra works with her clients to always be available when needed. She understands that everyone’s schedule varies, so whether you need to see a home on the weekend or after 5:00 during the week, she’s available to answer your call. Sandra is passionate about educating her clients throughout the process and easing any anxiety they might feel about buying a home. She takes her time to carefully explain the process of searching for a home, completing the contract and closing. She partners with you from start to finish, answering all your questions along the way. Sandra also has an all-star supporting cast of professionals she works with to complete your purchase from finance experts to home inspectors. Her goal is to instill confidence in you at each step so you never feel fear or doubt about your home purchase. Sandra is so passionate about teaching her clients about the steps of buying a home that she hosts first time home buyer workshops on a regular basis. As much as Sandra loves real estate, she did not begin her career there. She started working in retail and eventually bought a pharmacy that she ran with her husband for several years. However, she’d always had a fascination with real estate. Her first college class was in real estate, so the seeds were planted early that this was something she would eventually do. Little did she know that her experience caring for the customers in her pharmacy would transfer into her real estate career. After working with many new home buyers over the years, Sandra has found that many people just fear pulling the trigger to purchase a home. They are afraid of buyer’s remorse. Sandra takes her time with her clients to evaluate the pros and cons of each home they see. She prepares a market analysis for each home and patiently waits for them to make a move. One question she asks each client at this stage is, “how do you see yourself without this house?” If they can’t imagine themselves without this home, it’s the right home for them and they’re ready to move forward. Sandra grew up in Colonial Heights and has lived in Chester for the last 30 years. She loves the area and it has been a wonderful place to raise her children. As a child, there was freedom to play in the streets without worrying about crime and she believes much of that comfort still exists today. Sandra’s 2 children that have graduated college and still have a great appreciation for home. It is her pleasure to continue introducing people to the community that she has loved for over 30 years and help them find a place to call home. Associate Broker, 2018 President Women's Council of REALTORS® Richmond, Graduate of Realtors Institute, Military Relocation Professional, Seller Representative Specialist

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